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How do we do it?

How do you achieve high grades? What form of education moulds the most well-rounded students? Which learning environment really works? These are questions we ask every day at Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Like our students, we work hard at our studies. We analyse our classes and teaching styles; constantly aiming to perfect. It is always possible to improve – there is a science to teaching. By evaluating the details of education – large and small – we provide the best possible atmosphere for our students to learn.

Tradition is important. Every school needs a culture. At Cardiff Sixth Form College, however, our culture is thoroughly in the present-day. Many English boarding schools rely on long histories and heritage. Here at Cardiff, we look forward. We want to build for the future and be the standard by which all schools are judged. And our results show we are already on the way…

In 2019, 90.28% of its students gainied A*-A grades and 99.19% gained A*-B. For ten years running, we have been awarded Top Private Co-educational Boarding School and Top Independent Sixth Form College in the Education Advisers' Awards. In addition, we have been ranked number one for A-Level results in league tables published by The Telegraph and The Times for five consecutive years.

For more information about our awards and accreditations, please visit our Awards page.

East meets West

Cardiff Sixth Form College literally searches the world for the best approaches to education. Our teaching philosophy draws from both East and West. Like our multicultural student body, we believe that our integrated methods set us apart from other boarding colleges.

Eastern education prizes rigour and discipline, and students receive a first-rate understanding of core subjects across the student body, while Western approaches value individual creativity. Each pupil is given pastoral care and encouraged to foster the talents which are unique to them.

At Cardiff Sixth Form College, we believe you shouldn't have to choose. Our teaching combines the strengths of both systems to create a unique educational approach. We provide all students with a strong, disciplined curriculum of core subjects, whilst also monitoring and aiding individual progress. We work hard towards grades, and equip every pupil with the skills and confidence to thrive in their life beyond. Our students are ready to join universities in the UK, the US, or anywhere else in the world! Their education doesn’t end with us, but we believe it is the best possible start.