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College Life

Cardiff Sixth Form College offers its students a very warm, friendly, family-style community where everyone is known, looked after and cared for by a top team comprising pastoral, academic and admin staff.

The school day is packed with academic lessons, careers seminars, one to one sessions and UCAS support and two exam cycles take place each term.  Volunteering and work placements are organised to help students develop skills and experience normally in October and February of each year as well as international work experience in July.  To download a copy of our timetable please click below.



0700 – 0930Breakfast
0800 – 0855One-to-one drop in and support
0855 – 0940Period One
0940 – 1025Period Two1000 – 1200Morning activities
1035 – 1120Period Three1030 – 1230Brunch
1120 – 1205Period Four
1215 – 1300Period Five and first lunch
1300 – 1345Period Six and second lunch
1345 – 1430Period Seven and third lunch1300 – 1730Afternoon activities
1440 – 1525Period Eight
1525 – 1610Period Nine
1625 – 1710Period Ten1600 – 1800Supper
1710 – 1755Period Eleven
1630 – 1845Supper served
1815 – 1900Extra classes, clubs
1900 – 2030Prep time
2030 – 10.00Free time/time in boarding
1030Lights out1030Lights out

Clubs and activities take place mainly in the evenings and weekends many of which are run by the students themselves.  There are four large events which are attended by the whole College community – sports day, the Eisteddfod (Talent Show), GLEE theatre production and Cultural Event as well as a whole raft of inter-House events such as sporting competitions, bake offs, fancy dress events, cinema evenings and fashion shows.

With such a dynamic, international student population we celebrate events such as Chinese New Year, Nigeria Independence Day, Malaysia Day, Vietnam Independence Day and Azerbaijan Independence Day and enjoy Halloween parties, a Christmas Ball, Easter picnics and BBQs.

Our students are very much encouraged to develop independence, a self-motivation and be ambitious and to enable them to mature as young people, alongside their peers from across the world, in a safe and empowering environment.

The College itself has excellent facilities and boarding accommodation and is located right in the centre of the capital city of Cardiff with its outstanding amenities including shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and attractions all easily walkable from the College.  Stunning parks, waterfront, three universities, world class sporting venues and theatres as well as places of historic importance provide our students with the ability to explore beyond the College and to take advantage of lectures, societies and local events which make their time at the College a truly enriching experience.