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Term Dates

Term dates for 2020/2021


UCAS and University Preparation ProgrammeCareers19th August 202028th August 2020
Autumn 2020GCSE and AS Boarders return29th August and 30th August 2020
A2 Boarders return31st August 2020 (After 7am and 1st September 2020
INSET (teachers)1st September 2020
Teaching3rd September 202016th September 2020
Enrichment Week19th October 202023rd October 2020
Teaching26th October 202015th December 2020
INSET16th December 2020
Boarders must leave the boarding house for the Christmas holidays. Deadline – 5pm 16th Dec 2020
Christmas Break17th December 20203rd January 2021
Spring 2021Boarders return4th (after 7am) and 5th January 2021
Teaching6th January 202119th February 2021
Enrichment Week15th February 202119th February 2021
Teaching22nd February 20211st April 2021
Easter Break2nd April 202111th April 2021
Summer 2020Teaching and Exams12th April 202124th June 2021
INSET24th June 2021
August Pre-sessional2nd August 202127th August 2021

Boarding is closed from 5pm on 24th June 2021.

Mock examinations and EP examination dates will be set when WJEC announce the new timetable for public examinations in 2020/21.

Term dates for 2021/22

These dates are subject to change due to COVID-19 and examination board requirements.

Autumn 202130.08.2115.12.21
October Enrichment Week18.10.2122.10.21
Spring 202205.01.2214.04.22
February Enrichment Week14.02.2218.02.22
Summer 202225.04.2224.06.22
UCAS Preparation13.06.2223.06.22

Teaching Days

Autumn term: 70 teaching days

Spring term: 54 teaching days

Summer term: 51 teaching days

Total: 175 days

Note: We will not authorise leave for family holidays during term time. In exceptional circumstances, you must contact a senior member of staff prior to making any arrangements.

Complimentary Pick-up Dates

September A Level/GCSE pick up dates Saturday 28 August and Sunday 29 August 2021.