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In addition to work observation, volunteering in one’s local community is also vital in demonstrating key transferable skills to future universities and employers.

The Careers & HE Department inform students of opportunities around the local area and encourage students to find opportunities which match with their academic and professional interests.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, the Careers & HE Department inform students of excellent virtual volunteering opportunities that students can take part in, from the comfort of their own room and laptop or phone.

Cardiff Sixth Form College students typical give up a few hours each weekend to the benefit of the local Cardiff community in an array of options, such as tutoring underprivileged children in maths and science, caring for residents in a care home, volunteering for St John Ambulance as a first aider, or a telephone befriender to vulnerable adults. Volunteering is an enormously rewarding experience for both the volunteer and the people they support.