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Staff, Governors

Teachers are at the heart of the educational process and recruitment of expert teachers is Cardiff Sixth Form College’s top priority.

Many of our teachers possess over 15 years of teaching experience and have held positions such as Heads of Department, Heads of Sixth Form, Chief Examiners and School Inspectors.  Their valuable insight and expertise has been vital to our academic success.

We look for more from our teachers than simply the ability to teach.  Our teachers are academics, pedagogical experts and innovators and are committed to education.  Their enthusiasm sets the precedent for our students. Whether they are teaching a class or providing a one-to-one tutorial, our teachers go above and beyond expectations to challenge and better each individual pupil.

However, one of the reasons why Cardiff Sixth Form College is such a positive community is that as a staff body we work together across the academic, pastoral, boarding, management and administrative areas for the benefit of our students.  All our staff receive regular training on an annual basis and we share good practice and development, discuss new ideas and proactively work openly together to address issues quickly.  All our staff are approachable, friendly and helpful and relationships between the student and staff body are extremely positive and mutually respectful.

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