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Staff Blog

UCAT and BMAT: The Key to Success

13th July 2020

Hayley Bendle, Head of Higher Education and Careers at Cardiff Sixth Form College looks at the importance of the UKAT and BMAT tests in Medicine and Dentistry admissions at UK universities.

Changing The Way Pupils Think About Physical Activity

13th July 2020

Lisa Morton, Head of Pastoral Care at Cardiff Sixth Form College, examines the role of physical activity in the wider context of well-being.

The Past, The Present And The Future. Tense.

13th July 2020

Tom Arrand, Head at Cardiff Sixth Form College, opens up wide-ranging questions for school and college communities to debate. The following letter was written by a Holocaust survivor to his local education board in the USA.

Why We Should Look Beyond Oxbridge

13th July 2020

Oxford and Cambridge are often hailed as the best universities in the UK. But does this generalisation cause us to overlook other institutions that might offer a similar or even better experience for many students?

Mathematics, Further Mathematics and even Further Mathematics…

3rd June 2020

Principal Cardiff Sixth Form College, Gareth Collier, talks about the relevance of mathematics in today’s society.

Transforming a Physical School into a Virtual One

2nd June 2020

Deputy Head Academic, Rebecca Clyde, shares her thoughts on how Cardiff Sixth Form College turned from a physical school into a virtual one.