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Staff Blog

The Value of Art

25th January 2022

I have long been an advocate of the positive effect that the arts can have on us. Having worked in the creative industry for many years I know first-hand how it can have a powerful impact on our mental and physical self. It is all too easy to be cynical about the arts and to…

UN International Day of Education

24th January 2022

You could be forgiven for thinking that something which affected all nations in a devastating and long lasting manner, might bring them together in a spirit of co-operation and collaboration. And indeed, there are fine examples of nations coming together to combat a global pandemic through the dissemination of information, research into vaccine development, sharing…

Oxford, Cambridge or Lincoln?

12th January 2022

S is a 17-year old student, studying at a UK sixth form. From a modest background, she will be only the second person from her family to go to university, if she is successful in receiving an offer and taking up a place. Her passion, since childhood, is physics. Unsure of what exactly she wants…

Why are GCSEs in the UK important?

14th December 2021

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and its international equivalent (iGCSE) were introduced in 1988 and since then these qualifications have acted as the ‘pathway’’ to advanced qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) and GCE A Levels. They are the first compulsory, externally assessed examinations that all UK students must undertake in…

What are Holidays for?

29th November 2021

Having never formally studied psychology, physiology or sports science, I find myself rather fraudulently turning to these disciplines when attempting to explain how to learn effectively. In my defence, my interest in these fields goes back a long way and I have been fortunate to work with some experts in the field, throughout my own…


18th November 2021

Bullying Incidents of bullying can be found everywhere and in all walks of life, and schools are no exception to this. Also, this should not be surprising or shocking. Schools are places where young people are developing and growing in experiences and attitudes and where they experiment with who they are and how they interact…

The Importance of GCSEs

3rd November 2021

For over a decade, Cardiff Sixth Form College has excelled in delivering A Levels, achieving astonishing outcomes for students and sending them on their way to the world’s finest universities. That single sentence makes it sound so easy. Trust me, it is not, and the work that goes into this, by students and teachers alone,…