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Cardiff Sixth Form College was founded in 2004.  As a small, private tutorial college it was dedicated to pioneering a new approach.

Combining small class sizes, excellent teaching and individual attention for each student, Cardiff wanted to nurture potential and strive for excellence in every area.   The results have been first class.

Growing slowly by word of mouth, the College’s reputation allowed it to expand until it moved to the current site at Trinity Court in the heart of the vibrant capital city of Cardiff.  The modern, spacious campus is an excellent site for Cardiff’s growing ambitions and a first rate location.

In 2009, Cardiff Sixth Form College accepted its first international students.  Since then it has expanded with more and more top academic students from all over the world, investing in state-of-the-art boarding facilities and first-rate pastoral care.  Cardiff Sixth Form College is a thoroughly multi-cultural environment.  Proud of its diversity and global outlook, Cardiff now has students from more than 40 countries including local Welsh and wider UK students looking for an academic focus and pathway to top universities.

The College was registered as a full boarding school in 2011 and has topped the league tables since then as the top academic school in the UK winning numerous awards for academic achievement.

It was acquired by Dukes Education in 2017 and with this change has been able to secure the academic future of the College and is proud to be a key member of the Dukes Education family of schools.

In 2022, Cardiff Sixth Form College opened a new campus in the heart of the university city of Cambridge due to increasing demand all over the world to cater for top quality students aiming for top universities.