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Around 85% of students full board at Cardiff Sixth Form College and live in purpose-built, modern boarding houses all of which are a short walk from the main academic buildings.

There are three different room types: cluster rooms, apartments and studio flats.  Cluster room are shared by four to six students with single bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms in addition to a shared kitchen and lounge.  Apartments feature two single bedrooms and have a shared bathroom, kitchen and lounge whilst studio flats feature a single room with an ensuite bathroom and a kitchen but do not include a lounge and are allocated on a first come first served basis.

All students have access to large communal common rooms, laundry facilities, music practice rooms and art rooms as well as on-site medical centres.

We take great pride in our multi-cultural community here at Cardiff Sixth Form College which gives our students a unique opportunity to mix with young people from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds.   Our students are encouraged to respect one another, be tolerant and work together to create a happy, safe home where they can make friends and be sociable but also enjoy quiet times to work and reflect.

Students are looked after by our very experienced boarding staff who create a warm and supportive home-from-home environment with excellent pastoral care and our boarders live as part of a true family community.  The staff are always there to share our pupils’ successes, help them with any issues that may arise, arrange events and liaise with parents and there is no doubt that the pupils enjoy a close relationship with the staff that live on-site to look after them.

There is a wide range of weekend activities and cultural events organised to make everyone’s leisure time enjoyable and enriching.  Students take part in extra-curricular clubs and activities with their peers, join sports teams, undertake charity work and work placements locally and are welcome to go shopping and visit the many cafes and parks in Cardiff at weekends.

CSFC open Day 26th Sept 2017