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Cardiff Sixth Form College has a reputation for academic excellence and the results of the College at both GCSE and A Level certainly speak for themselves.

Most students will study four A Levels, some study more, however we aim to extend our students knowledge of their subjects often beyond the curriculum through extension projects, research, Ted Talks, online courses and podcasts to fuel a passion for their subjects.  We want students to be able to think for themselves, to understand and enjoy their subjects at a deeper level and to be encouraged to explore areas of individual interest.

All Cardiff students have the opportunity to undertake an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which enables students to research, write and present a research project on a subject of their choice and is worth half an A Level in UCAS points.  Well regarded by universities the EPQ gives our students valuable skills in independent study, research and communication and often results in universities giving lower grade offers to those who undertake this type of research.

Critical thinking skills are becoming increasingly important and so Cardiff students have weekly critical thinking skills whereby they analyse facts to form judgements.  Many of the top universities including Oxford and Cambridge require students to think critically at interview and to be able to analyse and discuss areas beyond the curriculum.

Those wishing to study subjects such as architecture or engineering may develop an art portfolio of work at the college in addition to their A Levels, which is a requirement for some university courses.  This will not be necessary if you are studying A Level Art.