Nurse taking a students' blood pressure
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Cardiff Sixth Form College has a number of initiatives dedicated to improving and maintaining a positive sense of wellbeing amongst both staff and students.

Students have access to a Wellbeing Hub Website, which is updated weekly and includes information for pupils on topics such as sleep hygiene, self-care, mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating and staying safe online. The Wellbeing Hub was featured in School House Magazine and has proved extremely popular with all year groups.

Cardiff Sixth Form College also employs a dedicated Wellbeing Officers, who are experienced in many areas of mental health and have worked with children and young people throughout their careers. Pupils can make individual appointments to see them and can attend bespoke workshops based on a variety of wellbeing topics throughout the course of the year.

Cardiff Sixth Form College has a fully equipped medical centre and should students be taken ill whilst at College they will be cared for within the College sick bay.

The College medical team who provide treatment for acute illnesses, along with administering over the counter and prescribed medications to students. In addition, the College medical team provides the most up-to-date knowledge and guidance on all health-related matters, guiding students on a variety of public health measures and recommendations.

All international students coming to the UK pay a National heath surcharge as part of their visa application and complete an NHS registration form on arrival at the College. The National Health Service is world leading and provides a comprehensive range of free health services for all our students who are effectively living in the UK.  All students have access to a local GP surgery located close by and can make appointments to see fully qualified medical practitioners for consultative appointments and/or prescription requests and enquiries.  There are excellent major hospitals located in the cities of Cardiff and Cambridge, and students will be accompanied in the case of accident or emergency by the House Staff.


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