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Personal Statement

All students applying to university in the United Kingdom have to write a 4,000-character personal statement which is used by the university admissions team and subject lecturers to decide whether or not to give offers.

The Careers and HE Departments and Heads of House are experts in helping students craft their personal statement, advising on what to include and what to avoid in order to make the best possible impression.

With so many of our students getting places at top universities, the College has amassed a whole library of top quality personal statements for students to study and learn from.  Every August we invite our AS students to come back two weeks early to join us for a dedicated UCAS course where we help students finalise their personal statement and give them advice from our alumni, Dukes Applications and our careers and House Team so that the personal statement is written before term begins.  For more information on the UCAS course please click here.