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Scholarships allow the brightest students to enjoy the benefits of Cardiff Sixth Form College’s unique educational environment regardless of their economic situation.

To download a scholarship application form please click here and please return it to alongside your registration form and registration payment.  We encourage you to apply early as there are only a limited amount of scholarships given every year.


International students

International students applying for a scholarship must do so at registration stage as scholarship rather than entrance papers are taken.  Please note scholarships cannot be applied for after examinations have been taken.  These are of a very high standard and we only offer a few scholarships every year which are worth up to 50% off tuition fees dependent on results.   Please note there is no scholarship on the boarding element of the fees.  Scholarships are awarded on the results of four scholarship exams in the subjects the candidate wants to take for A Level, interview, online reasoning test and school reports.

Day students

Day students can apply for a scholarship worth up to 100% of tuition fees.  These are awarded on the basis of academic performance, results in the GCSE entrance exams, online reasoning test results, interview, application letter and previous school reports.  Eligible students generally achieve 9A*s (grades 8/9) in academic GCSE subjects including those that they will be taking for A Level, in one sitting. Students with more that 6/7 A* (grades 8/9) will be considered as possible candidates for entry to the College, but may not be eligible for any scholarship award.

Please note there are no scholarships available for GCSE students.

All awards are made at the discretion of the Principal whose decision is considered to be final.  Winning a scholarship is a responsibility and scholars are expected to positively input and demonstrate excellent behaviour throughout their time with us.  For a copy of our scholarship contract please click here.