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Our Approach

How do you achieve high grades?  What form of education moulds the most well-rounded students?  Which learning environment really works?  These are questions asked every day at Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Here at Cardiff Sixth Form College we are all constantly learning.  As teachers, we analyse our classes and teaching styles, evaluate our testing and marking, look at inspirational teaching methods from around the globe, ensure that the atmosphere in which we operate is conducive to learning and provide constant feedback and support.  We bring together the best in East and West teaching; literally searching the world for the best approaches to education and integrate the rigour and discipline of the East with the innovation and creativity of the West.

The culture of the College is very important and we are modern, forward-thinking, intelligent and agile when it comes to change.  CSFC is not a traditional boarding school; it is a 21st century, innovative international college and an interim between school and university.  We constantly look forward, research new skills, make use of technology, combine on and offline teaching and learning and, in doing so, often lead the way in terms of standards by which all schools are judged.

Students here are encouraged to be citizens of the world, have an appreciation for their environment and contribute to global events in a positive and responsible way.  We discuss, debate and research, provide opportunities for presentation and encourage individual responsibility.  Our students will go onto be leaders in their fields and improving skills in teamwork, leadership and communication, learning to manage relationships and becoming responsible for the world in which they live are attributes we positively seek to develop.  These skills which mature during a student’s time with us, alongside their top academic grades, are what makes Cardiff Sixth Form College students so successful.