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A Levels

Here at Cardiff Sixth Form College we believe in giving our students a wide range of A Levels to choose from in any subject combination.

Students receive between 24-30 hours a week of scheduled class time and in addition can attend one to one tutorials on a daily basis. Our teacher:student ratio is 1:7 – far above the national average – so that every student receives individual attention and mentorship.

Choosing what to study at A Level can be difficult and it is important to understand the full details of what subjects you are choosing and the implications for your future career choice.  As a guideline:

  • Choose what you enjoy and what interests you
  • Pick your strengths
  • Think about the future and where you want to be in five years’ time. Medicine for example requires at least two science subjects including Chemistry so if you want to be a doctor consider choosing sciences at A Level.

If you are uncertain which subjects are required or would like any guidance please email our admissions team here


Cardiff A Levels

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