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Here at Cardiff Sixth Form College we value our alumni and the tremendous contribution they make to our community.  Many of you may remember how inspirational Cardiff alumni have been on the UCAS programme or those who took time to come back to Cardiff Sixth Form College to talk about their chosen careers.


We are proud to have launched our first alumni association at the 2018 Graduation Ball.  Our first official CSFC ‘Dragons’ as the alumni are called, were the 2018 leavers.

However, being a Dragon is certainly not restricted to our current leavers, our alumni co-ordinator Hannah Parkinson, has been reaching out to everyone who has been a student Cardiff Sixth Form College to invite you to become involved. Stunning Dragon pin badges have been produced for all our school leavers going forward and, in time, Dragons will be able to purchase stylish Dragon clothing and other alumni merchandise.

If you would like to become a Dragon and be part of the Cardiff alumni community please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing Hannah on  We would be delighted to hear from you.

There are many reasons to get involved as a Cardiff Dragon.  These include:

  • The opportunity to meet up with old friends at a reunion dinner
  • To network with other Dragons and connect for professional career advice
  • To advertise job opportunities or to seek employment
  • To get involved with events, clubs, societies, groups and news
  • To connect with current students
  • To gain valuable experience mentoring current students
  • To give back by sharing your experience and insight in your chosen field
  • To simply come back for a visit and to meet up with some of your favourite College staff

The 2018/19 academic year saw the launch of our first Cardiff Sixth Form College Alumni Association Events, the first in the UK and second in Asia to which all our alumni, parents, partners and friends were invited.  Moving forward we are planning on taking our Alumni Association Events far and wide, throughout the UK and Internationally, with these events being open exclusively to our Dragons. Keeping contacts, particularly in today’s fast moving, global society is vitally important.  So do get in touch with Hannah if you would like to join us or if you have a suggestion for an event going forward.

Dragons have all experienced a world class education at the top College in the UK.  The majority have gone onto develop professional careers around the Globe.  They are bright, interesting and forward looking young people who want to make a difference to the societies in which they live.  They have a chance to give back and inspire current, young students.  For the first time Dragons now have their own association, events and online community and the opportunity to connect, network and communicate with other Dragons from all around the world.

Please do interact on our CSFC Alumni Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages by clicking on the logos below and invite, share and tag any other Cardiff alumni you may be in touch with.  Please do send us photos, events or activities you are involved with and let us know what you are doing and where you are based.

To sign up to our Cardiff Sixth Form College Alumni Association and become a Dragon, visit our website