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British Iranian Activist Shines Light on Women’s Rights and Gains Place to do Law

Posted: 17th August 2023

Nicky With Results

Nicki Naemi-Zaker (18) a remarkable British Iranian student, is not only capturing the spotlight for her inspiring activism but also for her extraordinary academic achievements.  With an unwavering commitment to social justice, Nicki is on the path to study law at the prestigious London School of Economics, fuelling anticipation for her future endeavours in the legal field having achieved three A*s in Economics, History and Maths and an A in English Literature.

Hailing from an Iranian heritage, Nicki has embraced her unique cultural background as a catalyst for change.  Her recent bold and comedic Iranian dance performance at the Eisteddfod garnered attention as she fearlessly addressed the pressing issue of women’s rights in Iran.  By leveraging her artistic talent, Nicki skilfully shed light on the stark disparities between cultural norms in Iran and the freedoms enjoyed in the United Kingdom.  Her captivating dance routine not only entertained but also served as a powerful catalyst for conversation and social progress.

Alongside her activist efforts, Nicki has demonstrated exceptional academic prowess.  Driven by her passion for law, she has gained a place at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science where she also has applied for a scholarship, further underscoring her intellectual capabilities and dedication to her chosen path.

“I wanted to publicise as well as entertain the school community and highlight some of the issues with women’s rights and personal freedom in Iran” said Nicki.  “It would have been impossible to do that dance in Iran for example, I would have been arrested.  What is vital is that we talk about human rights and the laws in different countries to see how we can help make a difference.”

Despite personal challenges, including her father’s cancer health scare and her brother’s learning difficulties, Nicki has persevered and emerged as an exceptional student.  She took on a significant project as part of her Extended Project Qualification meticulously crafting a thought- provoking documentary, reconstructing an online law case, whilst also composing the background music.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Nicki has been a beacon of leadership at Cardiff Sixth Form College where she won a full 100% academic scholarship.  She has served as President of the Law Society, initiated the Mooting Competition, sought opportunities to mentor her peers and her inspirational talk on becoming the best version of oneself brought the closing remarks at the acclaimed TedX talk event.

“We are in awe of Nicki’s unwavering dedication to both her activism and academic pursuits” said Cardiff Sixth Form College Principal, Tom Arrand. “Her ability to fearlessly address sensitive issues and bridge cultures through art is remarkable.  We have no doubt that her impressive achievements will pave the way for an extraordinary future in the legal field.”

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