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Enrichment week – Wednesday

Posted: 17th February 2021

Our Wednesday morning at Cardiff Sixth Form College started the same as all our mornings this enrichment week, with some careers presentations.

Our first talk  of the morning was  by Helena Hopkins,  a Water Asset Engineer and Manager for Welsh Water. Helena started with Welsh Water through their graduate scheme and discussed with students the benefits of graduate schemes for getting in to industry and some useful tips and advice for during their time at University for the best hopes of success for gaining a position.

For our aspiring healthcare students Abigail Davies and Laura Savage from University Hospitals Bristol and Weston, spoke with our students about their work in Radiology and Oncology. They spoke of the importance of tea work in hospitals, something which I’m sure we all appreciate at the moment. Abigail and Laura both spoke of their time at university and the different placements and rotations they have worked and still are working through.

Oonagh Sheils from InvestIN gave a fantastic interactive presentation suitable for all CSFC students about employability skills, interview techniques and CV writing. We’re sure all students in attendance found the presentation hugely beneficial.

Careers opportunities continued in to the afternoon and evening with external talks recommended for students hosted by University of Sheffield (‘Spotlight on Astrophysics’) and Wales Gene Park with Genomics Partnership Wales (‘Ethical Dilemmas in Genetics and Genomics’ and ‘V is for Vaccination: from Cowpox to Covid’)

From our boarding team the daily Creative Conundrum was to create a Haiku, a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven anf five. Some of the entries from yesterdays Creative Conundrum of creating a short comic strip can be seen on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

There will also be a quiz this evening hosted by House Parent Kristian for students, a mix of general knowledge, CSFC trivial and more!

Our usual Wednesday assemblies for students are on hold for a week as it’s enrichment week but CSFC Head Mr Arrand will be online to meet with any students who would like to speak with him or ask any questions.

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