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Posted: 7th September 2018

Shayan Kako

Shayan in A2 has had a very busy year; aside from studying A Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics at CSFC, he is a budding scientist and has written many papers on the subject of Medicine in his free time. His impressive work has now won him a place as a speaker at an international conference on Nursing, Pharmacy and Traditional Medicine on 28-30 September in Osaka, Japan.

He writes: “My preferred field of Medicine is Neurology and Neurosurgery, and I have done some projects and I have participated in some competitions in the Neuroscience field. I want to apply for Cambridge University, Imperial College London, and University College London. I joined the Medical Ethics, Biology and Volleyball Club and also use the gym. In addition, I have participated in the Biology Challenge, Maths Challenge and Kangaroo, and got a gold medal in the Maths Challenge.”

“I have been lucky enough to have several Work Experience placements in Welshpool Victoria Memorial Hospital, Welshpool Home Care, Newtown Hospital, International Citizenship Exchange India (Rao Hospital and Home Cares) and some in my own country (Iran). In addition, I am doing volunteering work at St. John’s Ambulance. I have written pieces for conferences previously in Germany and France and also published an article in an American journal of Advanced Science Letters. I recently attended a neurocongress event in London and gained contacts who are surgeons and scientists in the UK and US.”

“In Japan I will be speaking about my article, which compares and reviews the traditional medicine and modern medicine in the world. My father is a Civil Engineer and my mother studied Biology at university. My interest in Medicine is related to my mother. Living with my mother who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I tried as a child to research the condition and its effects on her quality of life. Trying to help treat her problem introduced me to the world of medical research, including the use of MRIs and EEG tests. By holding the responsibility for her care, I sensed the importance Medicine has for people debilitated by illness. I enjoy challenging myself and believe Medicine provides problems I would love to solve.”

“This is my first speaking at a conference but I have spoken in some high school seminars and also I have presented posters at national conferences in Iran. I will be the youngest there and I am the only college or high school student. I feel proud and there is a mental pressure, but I should be able to control it.”

Best of luck for the conference Shayan!

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