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Our visit to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London

Posted: 16th February 2017

In this blog post, AS-level students Maxwell Chan and Lisa Bayankina tell us about their recent trip to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

“Last week, we visited the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster, London along with eight other students,” said Lisa and Maxwell.

Comprised of two chambers, the House of Lords and the House of Commons, the Houses of Parliament represents the heart of British politics as it is where laws are passed, and issues of national importance are discussed.

“We went on an interesting tour of the building, although we were unable to visit the House of Commons because it was sitting on the day of our visit.”

“For me, the highlight of the trip was being able to visit the Debating Chamber in the House of Lords,” Maxwell revealed.

Meanwhile, Lisa told us her favourite part of the trip was visiting the Royal Gallery, traditionally used for important occasions including state receptions, dinners and parliamentary ceremonies.

The visit will enable the students to expand upon their knowledge and understanding of the AS Politics course syllabus, and we hope all students enjoyed their time at Westminster.

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