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2 students in Top 50 of British Physics Olympiad

Posted: 4th January 2017

Kicking off 2017 with a great start, we are delighted to announce that two students from Cardiff Sixth Form College have reached the Gold ‘Top 50’ in Round 1 of the British Physics Olympiad (BPhO).

Bahdan Zviazhynski and Charlie Lao (pictured opposite) were both awarded Gold ‘Top 50’ awards in Round 1 of this prestigious physics contest, which received no less than 1,680 student entries this year.

Hosted by the University of Oxford and supported by the Ogden Trust, the British Physics Olympiad is designed to stretch and challenge the UK’s most capable young physicists in a national contest and as such, participating students all deserve to be recognised for their efforts.

The contest consists of a series of seven annual competitions, including the British Physics Olympiad Round 1 (Year 13), A2 Challenge (Year 13), AS Challenge (Year 12), Physics Challenge (Year 11), Experimental Project (Years 10-13), the British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad (Year 12 and 13) and the British Astronomy & Astrophysics A2 Challenge/Astro Challenge (Year 12). Examination papers are sent directly to participating schools and colleges, where students complete the paper under examination conditions.

Five other CSFC students also received awards in the British Physics Olympiad Round 1, including Zhen Lim and Calum Wincott (Silver), Brian Yan and Karen Soh (Bronze I) and Leo Lam (Bronze II). All seven students will receive certificates in honour of their achievements, while Bahdan and Charlie will also receive book prizes as a reward for reaching the Gold ‘Top 50’.

Both Bahdan and Charlie will now participate in the second round of the British Physics Olympiad on Monday 30th January, 2017. Good luck to you both!

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