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Working at Sarawak General Hospital (GAP Malaysia)

Posted: 8th July 2016

In another addition to our student blog posts written from Malaysia, where students are partaking in our annual Goodwill Ambassador Programme (GAP),  2016/17 Head Girl Emma Davies tells us about her experience of working life at Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching, Malaysia. 

“Unforgettable. This is the first word that I would use to describe my experience on GAP Malaysia.

As I am hoping to study biological sciences at university, I spent five days in the Pathology Department at Sarawak General Hospital. Spending each day in a new section, I expanded my knowledge on the human body and disease as well as gaining new knowledge on hospital practices and scientific apparatus.

My favourite days were spent in cytology and biochemistry. In cytology, we were given demonstrations on how samples were prepared for analysis and then taught how to identify abnormal cells in pap smears, using microscopes. In biochemistry, we learned about the many chemical tests carried out on samples from patients, and the mechanisms behind the machines used to analyse these samples for signs of abnormalities linked to disease.

This opportunity was extremely interesting and cemented my love of biological science, as well as showing me the importance of scientists behind the scenes in the healthcare system, that work compassionately to help treat patients, that they never meet.

GAP is not just about work experience, however. Working with orphans in Kuching was both an eye-opening and heart-warming experience for me, as it showed me not to things for granted, as well as showing me how doing a small thing, such as playing games with a child, can make a huge difference to someone and make them happy. That in itself was very rewarding for me.

 I also appreciated how the trip allowed me to experience Malaysia and its culture. From rainforests to cultural villages, we were able to explore the beauty of the country, meanwhile making new or strengthening our current friendships with other students as well as having an enjoyable time. I’d like to give a huge thanks to CSFC and everyone we met in Malaysia for giving me such an amazing opportunity.”

Picture opposite shows Emma Davies with medical professional at Sarawak General Hospital.

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