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Exploring Sarawak’s Economy (GAP Malaysia)

Posted: 7th July 2016

To conclude our student blog series on our Goodwill Ambassador Programme (GAP) in Malaysia, we hear from AS-Level Mongolian student, Erdem Dorjkhand who attended the National Audit Department of Sarawak (NAD) and the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) to gain experience to support his economics studies.

“Consolidation and reconsideration; these are the words I would use to describe our very first day inside the National Audit Department of Sarawak (NAD). As prospective economists, deepening our knowledge about auditing not only helped to consolidate our career choice but it also made prompted some of us to consider changing our focus to auditing, due to its enormous importance to the economy.

Our next destination was the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC). This organisation is the catalyst to Sarawak’s economic development and we visited all their properties; namely the grand Margherita Hotel, where we conversed with the manager, and the Damai Golf & Country Club, where we had the opportunity to drive golf buggies. These visits encouraged us to consider the economic aspects of trivial market transactions and to think about how this could benefit the economy.

As we passed through the various properties belonging to the SEDC, we noticed that almost all of them were under construction, indicating that Malaysia is taking a big step to diversify its economy, thus avoiding being too heavily specialised.

We had busy schedules on every single day of GAP, and our determination to always learn something new augmented our experience.”

Picture opposite shows Erdem Dorjkhand (fifth from right) with fellow students and staff at the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).

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