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LAMDA students excel in London Academy Public Speaking exams

Posted: 13th April 2016

Cardiff Sixth Form College would like to congratulate all London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) students for the phenomenal results they achieved in the London Academy Public Speaking examinations recently.

An impressive 15 Distinctions and 7 Merits were gained at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Special accolades must be given to the students who achieved gold medals  including Slaviana Pavlovich (Public Speaking Secretary), Kadrina Latif, Aaditya Rajaseharan, Nakulan Nantha Kumar, Ha Tung (Romy) Ng, and Huining (Emily) Wan, who gave outstanding and impressive performances. It is extremely difficult to gain distinctions at this level and these students thoroughly deserve to be recognised for their commitment, dedication, maturity and professionalism.

Well done to the talented Nakulan Nantha Kumar (pictured), who gained an amazing 91%! The examiner also commented – upon hearing Aaditya’s formal speech on Nuclear Fission and Plasma Gasification –  that the Government did not need to spend thousands on specialist committees, they should simply come to Cardiff Sixth Form College!

Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding aspect for the students, aside from writing and performing speeches to a professional criteria, was the Impromptu – the ability to write and perform an unknown speech in 15 minutes, to detailed content and criteria. This requires much practice, in addition to the ability to prioritise relevant data to a synchronistic, logical development and finish. Our students gained an unprecedented level of skill in this area and we applaud them for this.

Well done to all of you!

Here is a summary of the exam results that our students achieved at LAMDA:

LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Communication (Grade 6) (QCF) Speaking in Public Grade 6 – Bronze Medal
Son Hai Hoang – 88 – Pass with Distinction
Huinan Li – 88 – Pass with Distinction
Yurong Jiang – 71– Pass with Merit
Lim Yi Wern – 97 – Pass with Distinction
Janna Leung – 73 – Pass with Merit
Shiqing Ma – 80 – Pass with Distinction
Lam Lok Yiu – 80 – Pass with Distinction

LAMDA Level 3 Certificate In Communication (Grade 7) (QCF) Speaking in Public Grade 7 – Silver Medal
Queena Yan Yie Lee – 76 – Pass with Merit
Oleg Reshetniak – 78 – Pass with Merit
Amrutha Koppula – 78 – Pass with Merit
Arseny Semonov – 78 – Pass with Merit
Maria Zagorulko – 87 – Pass with Distinction
Isabella Ting – 81 Fail – (with Distinction; only failed to use visual aid)
Alina Galimova – 76 – Pass with Merit
Valentina Chernova – 92 – Pass with Distinction
Jennifer Knight – 83 – Pass with Distinction

LAMDA Level 3 Certificate In Communication (Grade 8) (QCF) Speaking in Public Grade 8 – Gold Medal
Nakulan Nantha Kumar – 91 – Pass with Distinction
Kadrina Latif – 80 – Pass with Distinction
Aaditya Rajaseharan – 80 – Pass with Distinction
Slaviana Pavlovich – 81 – Pass with Distinction
Huining (Emily) Wan – 82 – Pass with Distinction
Ha Tung (Romy) Ng – 83 – Pass with Distinction

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