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British boarding schools: stereotypes vs. reality

Posted: 4th March 2016

What springs to your mind when you think of a traditional British boarding school? For many, the notion still conjures up images of Eton school boys, cold porridge and in more recent years, Hogwart’s Academy and Harry Potter.

However, British boarding schools are now developing their own unique identities, implying a need for parents to re-think their perceptions of the traditional boarding school model and to be confident about what kind of education they want their child to have, prior to choosing the right boarding school for them.

Samuel Chan, a director at Britannia Study Link, has written an article for Hong Kong newspaper, The Standard about a number of thriving English boarding schools that do not follow the traditional British boarding school approach.

Following on from this article, Samuel will write two further stories focusing on four distinctive British boarding schools that have adopted a more innovative approach to schooling, including Cardiff Sixth Form College. Further details to follow.

Read Samuel’s article here.

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