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TEDx 2022

Theme- Hidden Connections

The topic of our event, Hidden Connections, highlights the technological, cultural, and societal advancements that originated from serendipitous and interdisciplinary connections. Our speakers are here to spark a climate of free discussions, diving deep into the cooperation and relationship between disparate groups in the society. Through their enlightening speeches, you will gain a new understanding of life and cognisance of interdependence. Ultimately, the seeds of an integrated community free from division and distrust are sowed, hopefully ameliorating current issues in society.


Gech and Gisele


Ethan – ‘Feelings Don’t Care about your Facts’

Gursharan – ‘The Blood Industry’

Mr. Gwilliam – ‘The Metaverse and the Metaverse’

Maha – ‘How Different are We from Each Other?’

Mavis – ‘Normal is an Illusion’

Ho Ying – ‘Freaks by Jordan Clarke’

Milly – ‘Biomimicry – Learning from Nature to heal Nature’

Mr. Kampas – ‘Don’t Feed the Biast!’

Florence – ‘Social Apocalypse’

Coco – ‘How to Love Everything You Do’

Lydia – ‘A Woman, A Mother’

Speaker Profiles

Alex Kampas

Alex Kampas – Head of Physics @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Alex Kampas is the Head of Physics at Cardiff Sixth Form College. Alex is an astronomer with published research in the field of extragalactic astronomy, and is a history of science aficionado. Alex also has a mechanical engineering degree and has had a successful stint in the publishing and automotive industry. Alex wants Physics to be the centre of the students’ education about nature and our world, and the means by which they can appreciate and love our planet. He believes that physics is the vehicle with which to develop critical thinking and become inquisitive, curious and perceptive.



Coco – A2 Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Coco is an A2 student from Hong Kong. Having founded Orange Org, an art-for-charity NPO, she has raised funds for mental health trusts. Throughout her journey, she has been in contact with different people suffering from mental health problems; this pushed her to be cognisant of the importance of wellness. As a model, an artist, and a friend, she has encountered different passionate individuals who are experts in their professional fields. Along with tackling her own mental health issues, she has found a key component in finding one’s happiness – encountering the Flow State.


Ethan – AS Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Ethan is an overseas AS student. He was Managing Editor of the school newspaper at his school in Hong Kong and is a staff writer for non-profit news outlet redefy and Editor for the Cardiff STEM magazine.



Florence – AS Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Florence is an AS student from Hong Kong. Despite being a chatterbox during lessons, she loves, but also hates, socialising with people. The cognitive strain, the distorted work-life balance, the stress to help everyone, and the need to meet others’ expectations were sometimes at the expense of her mental health. Nonetheless, she has forced herself into gabbing with people for 16 years as the other side of the coin – loneliness and isolation, appear to be much more frightening. She became an optimist, a pessimist, an altruist, a competitor, a people-pleaser and now, a speaker.



Gursharan – AS student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Gursharan is an AS student from India and the daughter of a farmer. Gursharan is very passionate about the developing world and the injustice and unfairness faced in these nations. Gursharan wants to empower the youth and the next generation, to make changes that improve the world and to break the barriers that harm people, creating a world where life comes before profits. 


Kristian Gwilliam

Kristian Gwilliam – Arts Coordinator and Houseparent @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Mr Gwilliam studied Applied Theatre, Drama and Education at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he had a focus on Immersive Theatre and Participatory Performance. After returning to Wales, Mr Gwilliam turned his focus to facilitation and utilising his workshop skills as a cover teacher in secondary schools. Within the college, his current focus is on Clubs, Activities and Interhouse Competitions.


Lydia – AS Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Lydia is an AS student from Hong Kong. Studying away from her home, she began to rethink what her mother and family mean to her. Her academic and personal interests in Second Wave and modern feminist studies and sociology have grounded her understanding of women. She utilises her speech to explore her interests in depth, in particular, women’s societally predetermined role as mothers.


Mahaprabha – A2 Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Maha is an A2 student from Nigeria/India. Maha’s enthusiasm for learning has been accentuated by their passion for public speaking. Being the winner of the British High Commissioner award paved a path for starting discussions about the existing disparity and social barriers between the education of girls. Maha is not afraid to engage in conversations, which seems essential to bind people, and society, together.



Mavis – AS Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Mavis is an AS student from Hong Kong. One of her subjects of interest is Social Science, as she believes that changing social values can cure people’s suffering.



Milly – AS Student @CardiffSixthFormCollege
Milly is an AS student from Hong Kong. Having studied abroad for two years, she has found herself reflecting on the pollution problems in Hong Kong. Being an aspiring engineer, she is passionate about climate change issues and engineers’ roles in sustainable development.



Production Team
Founded in 2021, Cardiff Production House provides opportunities for students to showcase their photography and videography skills. Their assistance at school events and skilled creation of videos has made them an integral part of organising and hosting events, such as TEDxYouth@CardiffSixthFormCollege.

President– Isaac
Photography Chairperson– Sarah
Videography Chairperson– Luis
Production and Marketing– Milly
Art Director– Chivv Gech

Promotion & Marketing

Yin You

Drone Flyer
Calvin Cody

Photography & Videography


Art Club
We are very honoured to help organise the TEDx event this year. To better promote the event and provide an inspiring and aesthetic experience for everyone, we have worked with Cardiff Production House and Prefects to design posters, tickets, stage props and this brochure.
We hope you will enjoy this event as much as we did organising it!
President- Hailey, Ling
Honorary member- Angel

Prefect Team
Bringing this event to life has been a rollercoaster for our team. Our TEDx event aims to educate, incentivise, and embolden the audience. Managing this event has only shown us that this is as much of an inspiring experience for the people behind the scenes as it is for the speakers and audience. The ending of this process brings relief but also great sadness. But, hopefully, what represents the end of an era to some will represent the beginning of a new one to many others.

We hope we successfully open up your minds with our scintillating collection of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

Wan Nee

A deep sense of gratitude and appreciation must be mentioned to our esteemed Principal, Mr Collier and our Head of School, Mr Arrand, for standing as our pillars of strength and offering us this golden opportunity. A gargantuan thank you to Ms Downey for being the guiding light for speakers, being munificent of her time reviewing and helping us practise our speeches. Furthermore, we are immensely thankful to Ms Hughes for her efforts towards anchoring this event, or else it would not have run successfully and smoothly. Finally, devout gratefulness goes to Mrs Parkinson for promoting this event with untiring effort.