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Karl Read

I’m a Mathematics teacher with 25 years experience and I’m just as passionate about teaching Maths (particularly Further Maths) now, as way back when I started. I love problem solving and often create challenging problems for my students to really get them thinking outside the box. I am originally from New Zealand, hailing from Dunedin (the “Edinburgh of the South”) and moved over to the UK in 2009 – my wonderful wife and 8-year-old son and I regularly return to New Zealand to visit all of our family who are still there. Being a “kiwi” you may assume I am a rugby fan and yes you’d be right, but the sport I love most of all and still play, is cricket. I play other sports too like tennis and golf, but cricket is my favourite. One of my other passions is music and in particular, singing – I am actually a professional choral singer and sing at Ely Cathedral (one of the most amazing cathedrals in the world). I’m excited to be joining the Cardiff Sixth Form College Cambridge team and I look forward to working with you all.