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Didem Surensoy

Didem became interested in Neuropsychology after meeting Professor Christine Temple and her main passion was based on the effects of cognitive development on genetic impairments; including Williams syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and Turner syndrome. Didem completed a Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and later worked with young people experiencing safeguarding and emotional difficulties. In 2023, she completed her PGCE programme in Post-Compulsory Further Education at UCL. During this, she built and sustained positive, collaborative relationships with learners and colleagues, which in return has brought joy into her everyday practice for what she has accomplished in a short timeframe. In her professional role as a teacher in North London, some of her classes included learners who were on the Autistic Spectrum which taught her how every learner is different.

Since 2017, Didem has been a trustee of the charity organisation British Brain Bee which organises yearly national and international competitions for teenagers. She enjoys last-minute solo trips, cooking nutritional foods, swimming and reading poetry. Didem is very good at making coffee art and has been passionate about singing Kurdish songs from a young age and has been fortunate to take professional classes to learn how to play a cultural instrument called ‘Saz’, which she describes as transcendental.