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Ukrainian Student volunteers with Ukrainian refugees while studying four A-levels at Cardiff Sixth Form College

Posted: 18th August 2022

Ukraine student with amazing results

Zorian (18) from Kyiv in Ukraine studied for his GCSEs and A-levels at Cardiff Sixth Form College in Wales. He received his A Level results today gaining four As in Physics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry which has enabled him to read Biological Sciences at Durham University.

During his time at Cardiff Sixth Form College, Zorian has always taken an interest in the world and international affairs. He organised the Nasa Club Committee and was on the committee of the International Club. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, however, events have been much closer to home.

“I live in the suburbs in west of Kyiv.  Before the war started my Mum and Dad were lawyers. Dad was on the Ukrainian Committee for Judicial Reform, taking things up to the European Union level.  He joined the military the day after the war started, signing up to the territorial defence and receiving basic training. He did this because he wanted to protect his home and support his country.  As the war has progressed, he has moved on; he has been assigned to the military and is now seeing active service on the front line.  He is now on the Belarus border looking at routes, surveillance, communication and connecting the regiments and their communities.

“My cousin is doing the same and is now based near Kherson where he is right in the thick of it and all the shelling.  My uncle is currently in the recruitment process for joining the army.

“I cannot think too deeply about my father as it would drive me mad with worry, but I am very proud of him.  Also, I know he would feel it is a disgrace if he didn’t join the army. But I cannot think about it too much as it just makes me really concerned.

“My mum was forced to evacuate to Western Ukraine where she went to Lviv and was hearing gunfire in the next street.  She returned a month later when the Russians retreated from Kyiv.

“As well as studying for my A-levels at Cardiff Sixth Form College, I have been volunteering, visiting the homes of British people in Cardiff who have taken in Ukrainian refugees. I am helping these families by translating documents for them, helping them with day-to-day tasks and being a friend to them. They need someone they can communicate with.

“When my A-levels finished, I joined the Armed Forces Military Training Programme over the summer as a translator.  Britain now has 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers receiving training from the British Army here in the UK and they need translators and helpers.  Another of my friends, Mica at Cardiff, is also doing this with me and I am going to stay in the UK with my godmother who is Ukrainian but lives in London before university.”

Said Cardiff Sixth Form College Principal, Gareth Collier:  “Zorian has been volunteering locally by helping Ukrainian families living in Cardiff feel at home, talking to them and providing translation which has really helped alleviate their concerns.  He did this during his very busy A-level revision period.  We have received glowing reports from the host family who described him ‘as an example of an outstanding, selfless individual willing to help others where he can’.  He has been an active member of the school community and we are delighted that he is able to continue his education here in the UK with these tremendous results.

“We have had three Ukrainian students here with us at Cardiff Sixth Form College who have achieved six A*s and four As between them and we are extremely proud of them all.”

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