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Cardiff Sixth Form College Students Deliver Top GCSE Grades

Posted: 13th August 2021

a student from a private school in Cardiff with her exam results

Another excellent year for Cardiff Sixth Form College GCSE students who have performed excellently in their GCSE results with 79.2% gaining all A*s, 90.3% A*-A grades and 95% A*-B.

This is the third year that the top school in the UK over the past 11 years has run one year GCSE courses and was listed as the top school in the UK in the small school league tables published by The Daily Telegraph in 2019 for GCSE results – the last time league tables were published.

Cardiff Sixth Form will also be launching a two year GCSE course in September 2022 where students, in addition to a wide range of subjects, will be helped to prepare for university and beyond.

Said Principal Gareth Collier: “We are extremely pleased with our GCSE results this year as it has been a very tough year for our pupils who have worked so hard during the pandemic.  However, their hard work has really paid off and they are really prepared to start their A Level courses in September.

“Here at Cardiff we are designing our two year GCSE course very differently to other schools.  Our staff have been designing a special four-year preparation course for university where, as well as their academic studies, students will be involved in work observation, careers societies, industry speakers and workshops, public speaking and careers-based skills as well as the usual wide-range of extra-curricular activities.”

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