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School Hustings Success

Posted: 21st June 2021

students and teachers in a video call

With the Welsh Senedd elections being held on Thursday 6th May, students at Cardiff Sixth Form College were recently able to welcome representatives of all the major Welsh political parties for a virtual ‘hustings’.

In an event that lasted well over an hour, students were able to not only hear from those looking to represent them in the Welsh Senedd, but were also able to have their questions directly asked to them – with some fantastic and fascinating responses from the candidates.

Though Cardiff Sixth Form has a large overseas student population, it prides itself on its community engagement, and was delighted by the response that the hustings generated from its pupils and staff.

The questions asked by the students during he hustings were:

  • Do you think we should prioritise the environment in comparison to the economy after the pandemic?
  • What will you do in order to protect the welfare and rights of international students studying in Wales?
  • Wales is currently the most deprived nation of the United Kingdom. What would each party do to ensure that Wales catches up with the rest of the UK on poverty levels?
  • As an international student, why should I vote for you?

Those candidates presented were:

  • Lee Canning, Abolish the Welsh Assembly
  • Calum Davies, Conservative
  • Ceri Davies, Green Party
  • Jenny Rathbone, Labour
  • Rodney Berman, Liberal Democrats
  • William Rees, Plaid Cymru

A full recording of the hustings is available here.

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