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British Physics Olympiad Challenges

Posted: 19th April 2021

Over the past month students from Cardiff Sixth Form College have been participating in the British Physics Olympiad’s challenges.  Designed to present an extremely high-level challenge for students to test and develop their problem-solving abilities and application of Physics, these competitions are the most prestigious in the country at the AS and GCSE age-groups.

Around 5270 students participated in the AS competition this year with only 15% achieving the Gold award and out of the 4710 students in the GCSE competition only 18% got the Gold award.

The students at CSFC produced a remarkable set of results.  At AS, from the 20 who took part in the Challenge, 6 achieved Gold whilst 7 students attained a Silver.  Particular mention should go to the GCSE cohort, from the 9 competitors, 6 Golds and 3 Silvers were awarded.

A great testament to the talent of the young Physicists studying at Cardiff Sixth Form College.

GCSE results

Gold Award – Milly, Christopher, Friedrich, Kris, Truck, Karl

Silver Award – Ling, Calvin, Anne

AS results

Gold – Xuanru, Matthew, Eric, Minghong, Edison, Ovyaa

Silver – Vincent, Justin, David, Rayna, Gary, Parc Ki, Zora

Bronze – Crystal, Andrea, Kavya, Peter, Ann, Victor,

Commendation – Lucy

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