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English Speaking Union Public Speaking Competition Wales Finals

Posted: 19th March 2021

On Thursday 18th March, Ekaterina, Angel and Chris from our IGCSE group participated in the Wales Finals of the English Speaking Union’s public speaking competition. 

Kat and Chris were paired with a speaker from Bro Edern school. Kat chaired the debate on the topic ‘It’s 2021, where are all the flying cars?’.  She spoke with humour and skill introducing a very interesting talk on equity in society.  Her partner, Chris, then asked the speaker a series of challenging questions on how we resolve inequality and how technology can impact upon society. 

Angel took on the role of main speaker in her group and gave a speech on whether fast fashion should be banned for the sake of our environment.  The judges praised her passionate and skillful delivery and she really engaged her audience, making them all question whether they make ethical choices when shopping. The judges were so impressed with Angel that they unanimously voted her Best Speaker – well done Angel!

Congratulations to all students who participated!

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