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Enrichment week – Tuesday

Posted: 16th February 2021

The week full of activities for our students to take part in during enrichment week continued in to our second day. 

We once again started with a morning full of presentations organised by our Careers department to provide students with the opportunity to discuss career options with professionals directly involved in their industry of choice, ensuring we are still providing as much support for students as possible whilst work placements cannot go ahead.  

Tuesday morning began with a presentation from Dan Wye who is an Avionics Lead Engineer for the Ministry of Defence. He talked with students about career progression from a-levels, to university and beyond and a range of engineering areas they could go in to. He also showed students the huge range of RAF planes he has worked on. For those students interested in Psychology, Mental Health support working Tarrin Triplett spoke with our students about the different areas of psychology, including clinical, neuro and forensic. He also explained to students the different types of jobs this would lead to. Our final presentation of the day was from Iula Nita from University College London on Neurosciences. A large number of students attended the zoom talk hearing about Iulas background and hearing her advice on gaining as much experience outside of the classroom as possible.  

In the afternoon we stepped away from our screens and students took part in the early stages of a pool tournament and a table tennis tournament in our boarding house common rooms. Unfortunately, the basketball competition had to be postponed as the weather in Cardiff today is frequent heavy showers.  

The daily creative conundrum is to create a short comic strip of 4 panels, either by hand or digitally. This will be judged by our house parents and the winners will gain some house points! A chance for students to get creative and have some fun. 

We can’t forget that today is Pancake Day and our fantastic canteen staff never miss out on a chance to celebrate and so created a live pancake cooking station in the canteen to accompany supper – pancakes for all and a choice of toppings available!  

Tuesday evening was the main event of the day – a fashion show! Students designed their own costumes within 3 categories; Trashion, Lockdown Chic and Unloved Wardrobe. The student models then strutted their stuff down the runway with the whole event being streamed online for everyone to enjoy. There were some great entries at this always popular event and a few highlights can be found on our Instagram stories! Well done to all who took part, we’ll hopefully have the runway and crowds back next year! 


Another busy day at CSFC keeping everyone safe and happy.  

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