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ISA Poetry Competition 2020

Posted: 19th January 2021

Last term, for the 2020 Independent Schools Association (ISA) poetry competition, students were asked to submit poems entitled ‘Everything All At Once’. Our IGCSE students produced some wonderful work covering a range of topics from relationships and love to Christmas and COVID-19.  We were really impressed by their creativity and by the powerful images they used in their writing. Hailey and Angela were praised by the organisers for crafting short and personal poems – congratulations both!

Here are their poems:

I am not asking for permission

To go back to the past

I am not waiting for the future

It will come very soon

My feet are in the mud

My head is in the sun

So give me all of it

Give it to me all at once

So give me all of it

Everything all at once

I will dominate my present

Not the past

By Angela

Everything all at once

I dreamt you yesterday.

We are sitting on the floor

Watching the sunset

Turn into a sunrise.

You rise.

You are flying under the light.

Someone is leading you.

You leave me alone.

I open my eyes.

You disappear.

Only crystals left on my face, silent and glistening

Where are you?

By Hailey

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