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Countdown to Christmas

Posted: 3rd December 2020

There are numerous Christmas activities planned over the next few weeks at Cardiff Sixth Form College as we close in on the end of what has been a very unusual Winter term.

Lisa Morton, Head of Pastoral, has created the CSFC Countdown to Christmas! To mark the countdown to the end of term there will be a number of activities each day for 15 days that staff and students can get involved in. Daily activities are posted as an advent calendar on the Wellbeing Hub as well as on our social media channels.

That daily activities are:

December 1st: Staff and students are all encouraged to think about a daily set of intentions and the most popular ones will be posted on the Wellbeing Hub. Examples of intentions include, ‘Today I will be kind to myself’

December 2nd: On the Wellbeing Hub 12 photos of staff, concealed under Christmas items will be published. The first person to email me with the correct answers will win a prize!

December 3rd: All staff and students will be emailed a Christmas cracker template. Throughout the day on the 3rd December the college community will be encouraged to write messages of kindness on their Christmas cracker and email it to someone else in the college. 

December 4th: Staff and students are encouraged to email in their ‘Top 5 Tips’ for self-care, wellbeing and relaxation for the festive period.

December 5th: Staff and students are encouraged to do some Christmas baking!

December 6th: Students have been asked to design a House Christmas card to reflect the current year we have had with a message of hope for the future. 

December 7th: Christmas jokes! (in the style of those found within a Christmas cracker). The winner will be the most original. 

December 8th: Students and staff can submit a House or a Department Christmas Playlist – all will be published on the Wellbeing Hub. Not all songs have to be Christmas related, just songs that as a team uplift mood. 

December 9th: Winter Showcase in assembly to get everyone in the festive mood. 

December 10th: Christmas Lunch for students 

December 11th: Christmas Jumper Day for staff and students. Donations to the college charity are welcome on this day. 

December 12th: A guest yoga instructor will be providing two videos for staff and students on desk yoga, meditation and self-care over the festive period.

December 13th: Student movie night in accommodation. 

December 14th: Online Christmas Quiz. 

December 15th: The CSFC staff Christmas song will be revealed!

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