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12 Days of CSFC Christmas

Posted: 4th December 2020

With some of our usual Christmas school activities limited due to social distancing restrictions our amazing 2020/21 prefect team have been creating new and safe ways we can celebrate this year.

One of their creations is the 12 Days of CSFC Christmas! Every day from now until they end of term the prefect team will create a video montage linking to a special daily theme. Students and staff from CSFC have sent them in photos and video clips that they can use to create the final version.

Well done to our prefect team for not only coming up with this lovely idea to try and keep spirits high but also for taking the time to create and edit these daily videos.

The 12 daily themes are:

Day 1: Pets who have become family
Day 2: Friends we cannot do without
Day 3: People we cannot wait to see
Day 4: Hometowns we belong to
Day 5: Family members we love
Day 6: Childhood pictures we laugh at
Day 7: Activities we cannot wait to do again
Day 8: Nature we find beautiful
Day 9: Travels we would like to go on again
Day 10: Memories that inspire our future
Day 11: Thanks we want to give
Day 12: Merry Christmas! 

Look out for the videos every day which will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages!

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