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Cardiff Debate Club Keeps Going During Pandemic

Posted: 23rd June 2020

debate club taking place at a sixth form college in Cardiff

Cardiff Sixth Form College Debate Club is proud to continue operations smoothly despite the current pandemic. In fact, the debate committee’s increased online presence has allowed for heightened activity in a season where debate normally quietens in favour of examinations. While it is very different to experience debate behind the screen, and the chemistry in a physical debate is lost, the positive feedback from the virtual debates conducted since quarantine has been in place has indicated that in the coming academic year, we can expect that debate club’s online environment can be even more inclusive of those afraid of public speaking. Although the new environment takes adjustment, it is fair to say that CSFC debaters have done so accordingly, with four debaters in the semi finals of recent national tournament Activate Debate. Taking advantage of a rise in activity in the global online debating community to partake in a Canadian tournament on the discord platform. Confronted with more America and Canada-centric issues such as US police unions, and canadian immigrants, our debaters were able to experience debate in another context to that of their normal comfort zone. Despite the current adverse circumstances finishing off a unique AS debating year, we look forward to adjusting to this new online environment with the incoming cohort of new students.

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