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Students Support Frontline Medical Staff with CoAid Project

Posted: 13th May 2020

A group of Cardiff Sixth Form College students have set up their own online initiative, Co-Operative Aid (CoAid), to increase awareness and fundraise for Medic Mentors which works in association with the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund. 

Medic Mentors mission is to support frontline medical professionals who are experiencing physical, psychological or financial hardship during the COVID19 crisis. 

The students, who want to connect and unite people from around the world during the current crisis, have set up an Instagram account which is rapidly gaining followers and a website

The first post, Motivation Mondays launched this week, is designed to motivate others to become more active and productive at home, and features a work out formulated by one of the CoAid Chairs, Cherry Lam, in Hong Kong.

Tuesday Takeovers will feature the students, who live in eight countries around the world, looking at the impact of COVID19 from a global perspective with the first post highlighting how the virus has impacted London.

Frontline Feats will feature bi-weekly interviews the team has undertaken with doctors currently working in the frontline of the coronavirus crisis as well as achievements that take courage, skill and strength.  In addition larger one-off events are planned such as Instagram Mental Health Bingo, Baking Video, Mental Health Calendar, distressing colouring book and a 123 Read-a-thon event.

The students first goal is to raise awareness of the outstanding work the charities are undertaking in support of frontline workers, raise awareness of the issues that have arisen from COVID19, offer practical, fun advice and build an international online community to support people going through a difficult time during the pandemic.  However, the students are also developing fundraising initiatives and aiming to get lots of people involved.

Said Laetisha Witoyo who is from Indonesia: “As a group of students we felt very grateful to all the medical professionals around the world who are working in dangerous situations on our behalf and are putting their jobs before their own personal safety.  We wanted to do something to show our support and to help them when they are finding the crisis difficult to cope with.  We are also very aware that many people around the world are struggling with a socially distanced lifestyle and felt that we could help provide positive ideas for those feeling isolated or unmotivated at home.”

Added Head of Cardiff Sixth Form College Tom Arrand: “I am utterly in awe of the amazing initiative these students have shown and their thoughtfulness in helping frontline healthcare professionals.  Their Instagram account is fun, with lots of creative self-generated content designed to both help raise awareness and funds to those who need it most.  I for one will certainly be taking the first challenge and working out at home and I encourage others to log on and do the same.”

If you would like to support the students in their efforts to raise funds and awareness of this important charity please click here.

A video assembly on the topic has been put together by Tom Arrand, which you can also view by clicking here.

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