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Cardiff launches online UCAS Week for Year 12 students

Posted: 27th May 2020

students from a sixth form college in Cardiff talking to their teacher and smiling

The careers department at Cardiff Sixth Form College are running an online UCAS week for year 12 students.  On Monday the team produced a video library on topics such as applying to Oxbridge, choosing between Oxford and Cambridge and what to think about when applying as well as featuring a range of subject specific talks on university subjects such as medicine and law.  Yesterday students enjoyed a live two-hour, online workshop hosted by Dukes University Applications on the subject of creating the UCAS application.  Today’s programme has featured live admissions testing for Oxbridge applications and online talks and tomorrow’s schedule includes UCAS for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.  Finishing off the week on Friday, all 160 year 12 students will take part in a live discussion panel and conference.  

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