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5 Teams travel to Bristol to take part in Bristol University’s Schools’ Debating Competition

Posted: 28th January 2020

These novice teams are to be congratulated on their performance at a competition which saw a total of 36 teams competing. For Isabella and Yasmin this was their first university competition and they finished in 6th place. Isabella also achieved 6th best speaker in the novice section. A great effort.  

“I learnt a lot about debating, both from the judges and the other debaters there. A good learning and social experience.” – Aviral Batra.

“I had a fun time and learnt from other more experienced debaters.” – Elizabeth Onions.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for me. I developed my debate speak and style and can’t wait to debate again!” – Isabella Khan. 

There were many thought provoking and challenging motions such as: “This House would permit the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport” and “This House would require museums to return artefacts to their countries of origin”.   

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