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National Stress Awareness Day

Posted: 6th November 2019

an art class taking place at a private school in Cardiff

As it was National Stress Awareness Day today, students and staff at Cardiff Sixth Form College have been getting involved in what is a great opportunity to think about our general wellbeing.

Feeling stressed and under pressure is a very normal part of life but if it overwhelms you it can lead to problems with your mental health, physical health and wellbeing. Today, with the support of staff and students, Wellbeing Officer Mrs Wozencroft used the day as a great opportunity to raise the issue of stress amongst students and encouraged them to take some time to think about what triggers stress and help them wind down.

Mrs Wozencroft said: “Creating a pop-up, stress-free space enabled students to discover and share effective ways to relieve stress in a relaxed, fun environment. We also used the space to showcase some of the fantastic art work our students have done in Art Club and in class, highlighting the benefit, effectiveness and importance art has in helping them express who they are and cope with pressure. Oh, and free chocolate always helps”.

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