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CSFC Student Attends ‘Clinical Skills and Medical Research’ Course

Posted: 28th November 2019

a girl from an A level college holding a test tube

Last month, Cardiff Sixth Form College student Ngum Mofor attended a BioGrad Science Park taking part in a ‘Clinical Skills and Medical Research’ course.

She took part in laboratory sessions, performing blood typing and carried out an ELISA for the detection of HIV using control samples. In addition to her time in the laboratory, Ngum also spent a few days in the clinical training centre learning to perform a head-to-toe respiratory assessment, listen to lung sounds, perform spirometry, take blood pressure manually, and also take and analyse ECG readings in the setting of cardiac rehabilitation.

On the last day of the course, Ngum and her team undertook a controlled assessment to allow them to put their newly-acquired skills into practise. They were able to design and carry out analyses based on patient profiles and samples, and successfully diagnosed SARS and TB outbreaks. They were also able to correctly identify patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD and asthma.

Ngum has been commended on her knowledge, her logic and her work ethic. She was able to carry out thorough cardiac assessments and had a professional bedside manner. It was great to hear that she would be welcomed back to the facilities in the future as is a fantastic student with a clear passion for medicine.  

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