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Cardiff Students attend Kind Event

Posted: 25th November 2019

Students from an A level college attending a Kind Event

Two of our Resilience and one of our Healthy Body Healthy Mind Officers attended a Kind Event at the Wales Millennium Centre on Friday 22nd November. The Event was run by the Adverse Childhood Experiences Hub with support from Platfform, a Welsh mental health charity that the Resilience and Healthy Body Healthy Mind Officers have been with working with over the last 5 weeks.

The Event was to try and explore the power of kindness in Cardiff as well as the barriers. Speakers were invited to tell their story and included, amongst others, Cardiff Council, Transport for Wales, WMC and the Carnegie Trust as well as those who had experienced ACEs and the impact kindness has had on them and their success.

CSFC students were invited to speak by the organisers who were really interested to hear what their experience of Cardiff has been like.

They presented a film they had made, highlighting the views of other students at CSFC. Each of them then spoke with great confidence and eloquence to an audience of 60 adults on their individual experiences of Cardiff. Their Presentation was received so positively and as the only representatives for young people, their stories were of great interest to the audience. Sharing thoughts and ideas throughout the day with a large collective of people across many sectors, they really did themselves and the college proud.

CSFC students Jonas Lee, Uyi Okunbor and Tanisha Kramer attended. Nikita Vasyukov also contributed on camera but was unable to attend in person.

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