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Cardiff Cups Introduced by Environmental Committee

Posted: 6th November 2019

Environmental cups introduced at a private school in Cardiff

Students at Cardiff Sixth Form College’s Environmental Committee have voted for a more sustainable way to enjoy their tea and coffee while at College.

Each House: Franklin, Atkins, Morgan, Wallace, Parry, Rubin and Seacole, have voted to lower their carbon footprint by bringing in the more sustainable choice of reusable ‘Keep Cups’ which they designed themselves.

Each House had a competition to design their cup and the winner was chosen by the Head of House. The overall winner was Franklin with Renee Lam’s phenomenal design. There are some fantastic designs on offer and this is a great way to support your House and do your bit in supporting the environment at the same time.

With the majority of coffee and tea cups ending up as waste and plastic coated cups complicating the recycling process, this is a simple but effective way of reducing your own carbon footprint. 

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