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How Are We Living?

Posted: 19th December 2018

picture of a private school in cardiff

We have all achieved an incredible amount at Cardiff Sixth College this year and it has really resonated how far we have come and how much we have accomplished. We should all feel very proud and go into the Christmas break remembering a year of such positives.

Here are just a few.

Our dedicated teaching staff have delivered 860 lessons and 762 student support sessions have been logged.

Academic achievement has improved across the board for both AS and A2 from 2017 with a new timetable introduced.

Daily society time, structured drop-in sessions, staff, and self-supervised study spaces all introduced to the college along with new art and music rooms.

The introduction of Heads of House, Saturday brunch and a housekeeping and laundry service make for a better place to live and work.

Academically again we have thrived. Just look at the numbers –

  • 128 UCAS applications submitted.
  • 83 Oxbridge applications.
  • 311 G5 applications.
  • 504 Russell Group applications.
  • 53 applications to study medicine.
  • 17 students and 71 applications for engineering.
  • 91 students undertook work-focused experiences in enrichment week.
  • 13 students at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
  • 42 AS and 14 A2 students involved in NASA (the most in our history).
  • 50% of the Welsh School Debating Development Squad are from Cardiff Sixth Form College.

We also had our debut appearance in a chess tournament, had success in the European Youth Parliament, and had many seminars and talks from the Gorwel Society to Public Health at Cardiff University.

Field trips from Geography to Biology, the Maths Challenge to the Physics Olympiad.

Cultural trips such as a Jayne Eyre lecture, visiting Shakespeare’s Globe for a production of Dr Faustus and a whole school museum trip through London.

We have had an A2 Teamwork and Leadership day, a Build a Nation day, expanded our interhouse competitions and had our best Sports Day to date in terms of venue, team spirit and attendance.

Awards for our work as a school on mental health and wellbeing to our initiative in marketing taken at the Dukes Awards ceremony. 

We have even launched our Alumni Association and had our first event in Hong Kong. Introduced a one-year IGCSE and had ESTYN/CIW approval as a school in Wales providing boarding for 14-16 year-olds.

What’s more? The college is full and we are one-third full for 2019 already!

Well done to everyone for making Cardiff Sixth Form College what it is.


Have a very happy Christmas.

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