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Interview with Student Tsenguun ‘Tseng’ Enkhsaikhan

Posted: 14th November 2018

interview with student tsenguun

Tseng is Mongolian but lives in Hong Kong and is planning studying Economics at Cambridge or London School of Economics.  She wants to live and work in London in the financial sector, possibly as an economist.

Said Tseng: “I thrive on the atmosphere here. It’s one where everyone is in the same boat going to the same destination. It is very multicultural with students from lots of different backgrounds, which helps to extend your horizons”.

“I believe Cardiff prepares you for University life as you get differing perspectives and opinions. It is a small school so UCAS support and teaching is tailored completely to you and your individual needs. For university, so far I have already had two interview practices with one more in November for Oxbridge. Additionally, I have undertaken personal statement prep and Cambridge Economics admissions tests”.

Tseng is President of the economics club and a committee member of the debating club. “We stick to the format of most debating clubs in the UK and it’s a great place to develop English and communication skills. Especially for people whose second language is English”.

Tseng also enjoys running, listening to electronic music, is an avid fan of puzzles and last year was a member of the Glee club. She communicates with home two or three times a week and explained: “it is enough not to be homesick but not so much as I’m missing out on my life here. The best times to call, with the time difference, is early in the morning or on weekends where I stay up later and can talk then. Weekdays can be a little tough as the time difference with Hong Kong is so great. For the most part, I really don’t have the time to be homesick as I keep myself so busy”.

“The great thing about boarding at Cardiff is that if you have friendship, relationship or exam issues there is always someone to talk to.  Even at four in the morning, you can talk to someone about literally anything! You are in a small environment with everyone in the same place. There’s a comfort to that, it reassures me. I live in Shand House and the student support officers and wardens are very supportive and go above and beyond for you”.

“For anyone considering Cardiff Sixth Form College I would say make sure you enjoy a fast-paced atmosphere. If you want a school that provides you with the perfect pathway to get you exactly where you want to go then it is for you. Previously, I was schooled in an international school in Hong Kong and the system can be more restrictive compared to here in the UK. I feel that I have a lot of freedom here and being integrated into the City it feels very real which I like. Many people from Hong Kong or China choose to come here as they are more used to a ‘city experience’ as opposed to older, more traditional, British, isolated institutions. Plus you have all the opportunities to succeed”.

“In my free time I would say debating is my favourite thing to do. I enjoyed the EPQ, which is the equivalent of an AS, and you can put it on your UCAS. Basically, it’s a 5,000 word essay in which you can choose your own topic that you’d like to research and write a thesis on. I enjoyed it and picked a subject in government policy to do with GDP growth”.

“To relax, Cardiff has great middle-eastern food and I also enjoy occasionally going to London on the weekend. I also have a friend who lives locally in St Mellons and I like going around there and watching horror films! I also run in Bute Park and go to the gym when I find time. More recently the SAQ’s have been taking a lot of my time”.

“The differences between Cardiff and home in Hong Kong is a world away. Mongolia on the other hand is a calm and quiet atmosphere which I love. Some of my friends from Hong Kong find Cardiff too quiet however, I didn’t find it too much of a transition. I have changed schools a lot so it wasn’t too big of a deal being in a different surrounding. I find Wales beautiful and loved visiting the heritage site of St Fagans. I also enjoyed climbing Garth Mountain and Cardiff Bay is my favourite place in Cardiff as it is right by the sea. I love any opportunity to immerse myself in the Welsh wilderness as that’s something I miss about Mongolia”.

“I hope that university will be quite similar to what I have here really. I would like to carry on with economics club, debating club and possibly even a Glee club”.  

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