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CSFC MMI (Multi-Mini Interviews) Day

Posted: 12th November 2018

interview practice at a private school in wales

CSFC hosted a day of Multi-Mini Interviews (MMI) for students wanting to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine. This day was hosted by Dukes Medical Applications and Oxbridge Applications, and organised by Dr Laura Foster as part of our careers education programme.

The MMI consisted of a series of interviews led by medics who have successfully navigated interviews at top Medical Schools. The medics conducting the series of interviews gave the students a brief introduction about what was going to happen; many of the students have had previous experience practicing the MMI so were – overall – relaxed about the process.

The medics explained to the students that: “the eight stations replicate an MMI circuit and a bell will sound and you will have one minute outside the station and then a bell will sound again for you to start the station. Some stations will have information outside for you to read. You will have six minutes for the interview. A bell will ring and then it’ll end with two minutes of verbal and written feedback and then a bell will ring again and you’ll move to the next station”.

Common stations that would test the students were current affairs, ethics, resilience/stress/perseverance, situational judgement, case study, prioritising and decision-making and role-play (communication skills).

Speaking to students on leaving the interviews, they seemed to enjoy the day and found it very worthwhile. Amaan and Zihao who are hoping to study Medicine at Oxford and UCL said they found it tiring but worthwhile. Amaan said, “Role-play was difficult and interesting, you can’t really prepare for that so it’s good as it really tests you”. Questions that took them by surprise were the ones on the process of investigating the patient; “you can just logically work out the question though. Role-play was fun as you get to act a little”.  

Head of Higher Education, Miss Hayley Bendle, said: “This MMI practice forms just one example of interview experience our students have the opportunity to receive. The MMI interview process is rigorous, and I know that our students highly value this opportunity to be interviewed by current medical students and receive feedback from them on how to improve. This weekend, we have our third round of panel interview practice for our students, who can again develop their confidence in articulating their passions for their chosen degree.”

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