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Cardiff Sixth Form College wins UK Space Design Competition Welsh Regional round

Posted: 29th November 2018

UK Space Design Competition

Cardiff Sixth Form College competed with two teams at the Welsh regionals for the UK Space Design Competition, held at Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy last Saturday, 24 November 2018.

The winning team was also the team who won the interhouse competition earlier this month, with the runner up team of the interhouse competition coming a close second.

Cardiff Sixth Form College will represent Wales in the National round of the competition, for a consecutive 8th year, at Imperial College, London, in March, in its bid to win the International, held at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida USA every summer.

The 12 students of the winning team are: Amaan Abbas, Care Phongsermsuk, Meysun Oduncu, Ella Hong, Mohammad Mughal, Arthur Law, Rusne Joneikyte, Buraq Ahmed, Ahmed Ibrahim, Angie Rungnoppakunsri, Wesley Teo and Ahmad El-Shaboury. 

The 12 students of the runner up team are: Dariia Parkhomenko, David Suarez Garcia, William Wang, Zaha Imtiaz, Bryan Chu, Yvonne Leong, Audric Chan, Jason Aik, Hanson Chan, Rohit Krishnan, Andrei Postnov and Alan Muriithi. 

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