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Orielton Field Study Centre Residential Trip

Posted: 11th September 2018

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Last week our Geographers and Biologists visited Orielton Field Study Centre. Here is what Elis and Jack have written about their experience: 

“The trip to Orielton Field Study Centre has proven particularly insightful and eventful. From rock-pooling in Wiseman’s Bridge to scaling sea walls in Saundersfoot, no aspect of the trip has been dull. But as well as appearing adventurous, our fieldwork skills have improved dramatically. The outings began with an excursion to Saundersfoot Bay. There, we considered the cost effectiveness of various coastal defences. Whilst defences such as a sea wall were in top condition, it was clear that the defences such as groynes were in desperate need of repair. This forced us to evaluate the justification behind employing such measures in the first place, thus necessitating a highly analytical approach; a key aspect of the A level Geography course.”

“Friday saw a more urban focus with the group venturing out into Tenby town centre. The visit gave us great insight into the proceedings behind an individual geographical investigation which comprises 20% of the Geography A level. Conducting discourse analysis, speaking to locals and evaluating demographic patterns gave us crucial experience in undertaking such an investigation putting us in a great position to begin our individual investigations.”

“Worry not; there is also plenty of activities to partake in during free time. The centre owns over 100 acres of woodland, has two common rooms, various lakes and a football pitch – all of which allowed the group to bond on a more personal level. Delicious food supplied by the canteen each day provided everyone with the energy needed to conduct the activities to the best of their abilities. Whilst the trip was fundamental in preparing us for our Geography course, plenty of fun was had and some crucial relaxation time was enjoyed before the intense A2 year. Overall, a great experience!”

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