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Posted: 22nd June 2018

Kristina Abraamyan

The Marketing Department sat down with one of our Prefects Kristina to discuss her move from Russia, life outside of the classroom at CSFC and her desire to attend a top university in the UK. Here is what she had to say:

“I moved from Russia two years ago to the UK after learning about the possibility of studying at Cardiff Sixth Form College. My previous school (Gymnasium #1 in Novosibirsk) had slightly larger classes and was a state-run operation, so coming here has been quite a different experience.”

“I am planning on studying Economics at University College London in September, and am looking forward to finishing my exams in Government and Politics, Economics, Maths and Further Maths this summer. My goal career at the moment is to work as a Financial Adviser for a large firm.”

“Being a Prefect has been an important part of the last year for me; as you would expect it has improved my time management skills and has involved working lots as a team. I regularly volunteered to assist with parent tours at Open Day, answered parent questions and was on hand to help at Parent’s Evening. More recently I have worked hard in organising the upcoming Grad Ball at the end of June. This entails working on the menu, leaflet, programme, and I was a part of the venue selection.”

“I focused a lot of my time last year on extra-curricular opportunities, loving the Glee Club, Talent Show and Cultural Committee. I managed to experience various types of communication between people. These activities kept me busy and happy at the same time.”

“I had plenty to mention in my Personal Statement, thanks to the Careers Department organising two placements on my behalf. My first placement was at Barclays Bank and I was shown all parts of the business, including changing cash and creating accounts for customers. I was also lucky enough to have a placement at Ernst Young back home in Russia last summer, where companies would pop in and check their business account balances.”       

“My proudest moment at CSFC was receiving my UCL offer to study; coming to CSFC has been fantastic mental preparation for what awaits me at university. It is great to live independently in such nice accommodation but of course I miss my sister, parents and friends at home.”

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